“Though published in Italy, this unique book is entirely in English. It combines both history and science, describing the various theories over the centuries that have been advanced to explain the workings of organs, brass instruments and woodwind, right back to 1100 AD. … The treatment of these subjects is in many cases remarkably complete and is complemented by voluminous footnotes, a 50-page bibliography, plus name and subject indexes totally 29 pages … this is a book to be consulted rather than one to read in a single session. Certainly it is unique: there is no other that covers the same ground so comprehensively”.

JOHN NORMAN, The Organ Yearbook, XLIII (2014), pp. 180-81

“… the analysis contains so much data … that the book is a tool indispensable not only for science historians, but also for musicians and musicologists”.

PIER PAOLO DONATI, Informazione organistica, XXVI-1 (2014)

“In conclusion, I think Barbieri has given us a very valuable book, summarizing as it does nine centuries of acoustical thinking about wind instruments and organ pipes. It is definitely a reference book, not an introductory text. The density of information is very high, and I would not suggest reading it from beginning to end like a novel. ... Obviously, the book will appeal to readers with a particular interest in wind instruments or organs, but I found the history of the development of acoustics as a science to be compelling as well. It is sobering to see how difficult the road has been, and to wonder if those in the future will look back at us and wonder how we could have been so naïve”.

ROBERT PYLE, The Galpin Society Journal, LXVIII (2015), pp. 233-5

“As the title suggests, this new contribution revisits Barbieri’s scholarship by enhancing and reworking numerous publications written between 2001 and 2012. It is a welcome - and important - addition to a still very much understudied field. The book should be received as nothing less than Barbieri’s opus magnum. ... Complete with an extensive bibliography and a detailed index, this book, when regarded as a reference manual rather than a standard historical narrative, will be an essential entry point to the study of musical instruments”.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS GAUVIN, Isis (“History of Science Society”), CVI-1 (March 2015), pp. 164-5